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  • Do ducks need a pond?
    Ducks do not need a large body of water. They do need water every day to drink and wash up with. It can be as small as a one gallon pail, or any container that allows the ducks to dunk their heads in. On the Flip side if you do have a pond they will love to use it every chance they get.
  • Are ducks noisy?
    This will depend on the breed of duck you purchase. They generally are only noisy when they get nervouse. The ducks will form friendships with other ducks in the flock. If they get seperated while foraging, one will give off a loud quack, and the other will quack back. We have learned our flocks different quacks. We can tell when local wild life is around vs when they are just looking for each other.
  • Are ducks messy?
    It can be difficult to keep them indoors. They have no control over their bowles, so if you do want to keep them inside you'll need to diaper them. Outside they are not very messy. When we only had five ducks we barly noticed any poop in the yard. A couple of rainy days and its all gone. As for water, if you give them a small kitty pool, they will prefer to poop in the pool. They have no control but something in them says to go as soon as they land in the water.
  • Are ducks expensive to feed?
    This will depend on if you are free ranging your ducks or if they are cooped. During the winter months the ducks are not able to forage as they do in the Summer. On average it costs me 17 cents a day per duck in the summer and 23 cents in the winter.
  • Do they bite?
    Generally speaking no they don't bite. They can bite if they feel that they are in mortal danger, but usually they will just run away as fast as possible. If you corner an unsocial duck 9 out of 10 times they will just Quack loudly and try to flap their wings. This being said a wing hit to the face will be felt.
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